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Easy and Simple DIY Home Renovation Projects

Feb 23, 2022 | Blog

Easy and Simple DIY Home Renovation Projects

As a homeowner, it’s your responsibility to care for your shelter. Part of that responsibility is doing what you can to make your home liveable throughout the time you stay in it. So if you have given it some thought, it may be time to push through with your renovation project.

Depending on the project’s scale, renovation may require professional assistance. However, there are also things you can do to modify your house that fits your skill level. Here are some easy and simple DIY home renovation projects you can do.



Painting is something almost every household member can do. You can also do it together or alone throughout the entire process. During the paint selection, you can ask other members of your home about their opinion and ask them for help when you’re doing the task.

Preparation is key when painting your home. Remember that you need good brushes and the right type of paint. Another advantage of painting is that it can give house features a new look without actually changing them. For example, a new color can make kitchen cabinets look good as new.



Renovating does not have to mean modifying areas or parts of your house. It can be as simple as letting go of stuff you don’t need anymore. So if you are renovating to add storage space, think of taking a hard look at what you plan to store to see if you need them all.

You can start by removing some of your furniture. Doing so clears space and gives a room a new, clean look without costing you anything, which is the biggest benefit of decluttering.


Change or add kitchen and bathroom hardware

Changing or adding new hardware in your kitchen or bathroom is also a simple DIY project you can do. Before changing, make sure that the new hardware you place fits the existing holes in your house. To ensure this, measure the distance between holes and bring hardware pieces to the store for comparison.

Besides hardware pieces that go through holes, you can also replace fixtures that don’t require puncturing surfaces. For example, you can replace your shower head in the bathroom. Aside from a new look, you can also cut water usage with more efficient models.


Update lighting fixtures

Changing your light fixtures is also a simple renovation task to perform. For instance, you can change your same-sized chandeliers with ease. Another easy project you can take on is switching light switch covers and outlets around your home.


Improve your outdoor space

There are various simple DIY renovation projects you can tackle for your outdoor space. For instance, you can build a brick and stone path leading to your door entrance. All you need are the stones and enough sand to do it and learn how to put them together.

You can also add low-voltage lighting to address your lighting needs for your outdoor area. There are also simple landscaping tasks you can do to make your garden look cleaner.

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